Thomas A-house customer

Thomas, New Zealand

Debbie from A-House was a godsend for me in China. Not only was she very efficient and professional, but she went above and beyond to help me with the process of searching for an apartment, and moving in. She provided me and the landlord with bilingual contracts, as well as assisting and translating through the entire process. [It’s not always common to find a real estate agent who speaks English here, so this was massively helpful]
She also went above and beyond what a normal agent would do; showing me around the local area, and restaurants, as well as assisting me through the police registration process, and even helped me organise internet connection!
Working with Debbie and A-House greatly exceeded my expectations for any real estate service in Chengdu, and all for the same fee as a standard agent! If you’re a westerner moving to Chengdu, or looking for a new apartment here, A-House is the the best service you can find!
I highly recommend Debbie, and would use A-House again in a heartbeat if I decide to move while here in Chengdu.