What We Do

If you want to rent an apartment, you’re in the right place. Read to learn how we manage to help you find an apartment in Chengdu.

Find an Apartment

We listen to what you want and look for quality apartments according to your standards.

24/7 Support

After finding an apartment we provide 24/7 service, helping you in emergencies, or if you need any help navigating life in Chengdu.


We help you explore what Chengdu has to offer, providing you with the resources and recommendations that will make your time in Chengdu a success.

This is What we do

Sign a housing contract in Chengdu

Contract Signing

We negotiate with the landlords & ladies to get you the best price possible. We have a clear no-nonsense contract to make sure there are no problems down the line

Rent a House in Chengdu

Police Registration

We make sure you are ready and set with all the documents you need for your police registration. We have established connections with many police offices to make it a smooth experience.

Wifi Installation

Get Connected

We help you get connected, which is very important in Chengdu. We make sure you both get your local sim card and WiFi in your apartment.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping

When you first move into your new apartment there will probably be several things you would like to purchase to make your apartment feel like home. A-House makes sure you get the best deals from Taobao and JD.

guide to chengdu

A Handy Introduction Guide

you can prepare for your trip to Chengdu by reading through our handy introduction guide to Chengdu and make sure you have everything set, before you even come to Chengdu


Cleaning Service

if you don’t like cleaning, we also provide cleaning assistance that will make sure you never have to come home to a messy and dirty apartment again.

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