What do our customers say about working with us, read what they have to say.


"Debbie is one of those people every expat should know in China. She's reliable, helpful, friendly, knows her way around property law, has a great relationship with landlords & landladies and when something needs fixing,"
"Debbie was amazing help to me when I moved from the UK to Chengdu and needed to find an apartment. She listened to what I wanted and then sent me images of exactly that. She took me to the apartment and made all the necessary phone calls. "
"hank you Debbie for being available for questions not just to get my contract signed but throughout you deserve great things and I wish you nothing but success.”
"Debbie helped me find my home near Yulin and I was so impressed by and grateful for her service. She treated me with patience and kindness and made the process of moving to Chengdu much easier. As a foreigner.,"

“ A-House was really helpful! They guided me through everything”

"Working with Debbie and A-House greatly exceeded my expectations for any real estate service in Chengdu, and all for the same fee as a standard agent! If you’re a westerner moving to Chengdu, or looking for a new apartment here, A-House is the best service you can find! I highly recommend Debbie, and would use A-House again in a heartbeat if I decide to move while here in Chengdu."​
" It’s rare to find an agent who maintains contact with you after finding you an apartment, she still contacts me and makes sure I’m okay with everything. That’s the sign of a great agent. I highly recommend her!"
"Even after we had signed the contract for the new apartment and Debbie received her payment, she still persisted in helping contact my old landlord to help retrieve my remaining months’ rent and deposit from the apartment that I had moved out of 2 months early. That honestly made my week, and I definitely couldn’t have gotten that done on my own, so I am really thankful to have had Debbie’s assistance. And we love our current apartment, so we’re pleased on all accounts."
"Even now, three weeks after her job was done, Debbie is still very helpful. I can contact her with any problem I have, and she always gets back to me on the same day. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an apartment in Chengdu to contact Debbie"

“A-House acted professional, punctual and was always polite and charming and happy to help with anything that I needed querying.”

"Her level of service and expertise is far superior than the other agencies out there. I recommend her to others, and when I next move I will surely ask for her help again."
"I was lucky enough to find Debbie on the internet, and she has been fantastic!She has been really flexible with her schedule to help with anything that comes up. She has also has been great in dealing with getting registered, and all the paperwork for a foreigner."
"Debbie has always followed up and if I had any translation issues when the wifi was installed she could translate over the phone. "
"A-House really took time to help me personally and to advice me during the process. They translated everything for me and was available to me 24/7. Even now, when i am already living in the apartment."

“Thank you A-House!! for going above and beyond what is required from you!!!”

"I was already searching for an appartment for myself in chengdu for a while. But since i can not speak chinese very well, it was hard to find somebody who could really support me during the process. Untill i got un contact with Debbie."
“I love my new apartment. Thanks to Debbie I was able to move in fast and easy. She found me a great location, close to my jobs and my schools.  She helped me in more ways than 1. After moving in she helped me register and get WiFi and helped me with Taobao."
"After finding our apartment Debbie helped us sort out the internet, electricity, and registration at the local police station. I would recommend anyone to use her service. Besides being very professional she is polite, kind and easy to talk to and made my move to China a lot easier.”
"After being severely disappointed with the living conditions of the dormitories at our university, we needed an apartment ASAP. Thanks to A-house we were able to move into a very nice apartment within two days. The apartment had everything we need and we could basically settle down immediately, really awesome!”

“A-House did a wonderful job in helping me find a home in beautiful Chengdu”

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