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Renting an apartment in Chengdu can be challenging. The Chengdu rental market is a frenzy, where the good apartments are gone within days. Therefore, A-House works on a customer demand basis. We help you to rent an apartment and more. Furthermore, the apartments vary in price from budget to luxurious based on the conditions you set. However, we do ask you to be realistic. The housing prices are out of our control and therefore ask that you keep that in mind. Also, beware that renting an apartment in China comes with some caveats, there are differences in the apartment you should prepare for. But there are also differences in payment of rental apartments.

If you are interested in renting an apartment in Chengdu, simply add us on WeChat! We will discuss your preferences and help you find your dream apartment in Chengdu.

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Rent an apartment in Chengdu



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