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Cost of Living in Chengdu: The English Teacher

Cost of Living in Chengdu:
The English Teacher

How does an average English teacher spend his money in China

How much does an average English teacher spend in Chengdu? Just like with a student, it depends on what you want. Although, most can live very comfortably and have money have money left to save up. You could also choose to live like a king and spend it all.

Out of the foreigners working in China, I would reckon most of them are English teachers. This is not strange given the substantial pay(10.000元-16.000元 starter salary)and comparatively low job requirements. As an English teacher, you have more money to spare as a student and tend to have a more expensive lifestyle.


With higher income comes more options. Therefore, as an English teacher, you can afford to rent a one bedroom apartment or choose to save up money and share a larger apartment with others. A good studio or one bedroom apartment in Chengdu can cost anywhere from 1800元 to 3000元 excluding utilities. Of Course, that is depending on the area and the quality of the apartment. A large 3 or 4 bedroom apartment will cost between 3000元 – 6000元 which can be split 3 or 4 ways.


Thanks to the good pay that comes with English teaching positions you can afford to regularly good out to western restaurants which in China are relatively expensive, compared to Chinese food. Also, Chengdu has many excellent western restaurants, where lunch or dinner can cost you between 40元 and 100元. Furthermore, Chengdu has a booming draft beer community. They can be a bit pricey at 35-60元 but there’s plenty of Choices. Lastly. for some more food recommendations, you can have a look at our handy introduction guide to Chengdu.


As mentioned in the previous article, public transport is a bargain. However, you can get around using a Didi or any other ridesharing apps for about 30元 For a half hour drive. for about 20% more you can even choose to have a luxury car take you, so you can roll up in style. If you want to stay in China long-term it is even possible to get a drivers license. However, to do so you need to brace your wallet because purchasing a car is very expensive due to a high import tariff on cars.


In conclusion, as an English teacher in China, you are making good money in a country where living costs are relatively low. It’s almost hard to spend your entire salary. As an English teacher, you can expect to spend about 6.000元-8.000元, for a more comprehensive list of prices you can check the latest prices here.


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