warm lightbulb vs a cool lightbulb
Apartment Decoration

5 Cheap Ways to Transform Your Chinese Apartment Into Your Chinese Home

Chinese apartments often come very bland and without a homely atmosphere, with these tips you will be able to transform your apartment into your home!

1.  Light Bulbs (灯泡 Dēngpào)

warm lightbulb vs a cool lightbulb

Whenever I get a new apartment, the first thing I do is change all the light bulbs in the living room and bedrooms,  because most Chinese apartments come equipped with a very bright fluorescent light that somehow always dampens my mood when I come home. you’d be surprised how much difference in the atmosphere just changing the light bulbs will make.

2.  Mattress(床垫Chuáng diàn)

chinese mattress vs Rock

What you’ll notice the first night in your Chinese apartment is that your mattress isn’t as soft as it looks, it’s often either rock solid or that you feel the springs, in your back.  if hard sleepers aren’t your thing then there are two things you can do. if you’re only renting short-term you can buy a soft mattress topper from TaoBao, a good one will cost you between 元200-400. You can also decide to buy a new mattress. The only place I have found affordable soft mattresses is IKEA.

3. Wallpaper(墙纸 Qiángzhǐ)

Man hanging up wallpaper

of course you could paint your walls but wallpaper is a relatively cheap and easy way to give your apartment a completely new atmosphere. you can have your entire apartment done for as little as 元1500-2000 for this you’ll have someone actually hang it up for you! Hanging up wallpaper gives your apartment the new fresh look that you deserve. This is especially worth it if you are planning to live in a place for a longer period of time.

4. Carpet(地毯 Dìtǎn )


Getting a carpet for your living room is a fantastic way to brighten up the room and make the apartment seem less dull. The problem is often that the price can run quite high. Luckily China has Taobao and therefore there is no reason you can purchase an affordable carpet online. Just ask a Chinese friend to help you purchase it online. On Taobao, it is always important to check the reviews, therefore, I recommend asking a Chinese friend to help you check it.

5. Mirrors(镜子 Jìngzi )


This tip is most effective in smaller places, mirrors make apartments look a lot larger than they actually are. They also help spread the natural light around the apartment. Mirrors are very cheap to get and definitely are their money’s worth.  you can get large mirrors for your living room and bedroom for under 150元!