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How to Rent an Apartment in Chengdu

Finding an apartment in Chengdu is easy, however finding an apartment in the location you want for an affordable price not so much. Renting an apartment in China comes with many challenges, especially if you do not speak Chinese. After you rent an apartment and move in there’s still many things that need to be dealt with such as WiFi, apartment decoration and most importantly police registration.

Finding Your Dream Apartment

Luckily A-house is here to help you rent your dream apartment for any budget, some apartments are as low as 元1500 per month! All you need to do is contact us and we will make sure finding your apartment will be a hassle free experience. To make sure we find your dream apartment as quick as possible you first need to know:

  • What’s your budget?
  • What location?(if you don’t know we will help you find the most suitable location)
  • How many Rooms?
  • What are your preferences?(Example: near a subway, modern, western toilet)

After we know what you want we make sure we find your dream apartment.

Hassle Free Service

We provide assistance every step of the way, because as mentioned before renting an apartment comes with certain challenges we will firstly personally accompany you to register at the local police station. Secondly we will make sure that your new apartment will have a solid WiFi connection. Furthermore in case the you want to purchase furniture or any other household items we will make sure that you get everything for the best price possible. In case you are too busy to clean, we even provide a cheap reliable regular cleaning service. Finally when there are any questions, problems or remarks we are 24/7 available to you on WeChat x448112007


2 thoughts on “How to Rent an Apartment in Chengdu”

  1. Looking to rent 1 Bedroom Apartment
    Near Tianfu software park, Chengdu Starting June 2017.
    Pet Friendly (2 Cats)
    No Kids
    Western Toilets, Near a Subway
    Budget – Around 1500 RMB but below 2000 RMB


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