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Moving to China can be scary, but together we make sure that you find an apartment in Chengdu

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Why A-House?

At A-House we have experts giving you personal advice on living arrangements, and everything that comes along with moving to China. It is our goal that we help you find a home in Chengdu. With over a hundred happy customers we are confident that together we are able to find a place that is right for you. Moving to China is a hard step, however having people that you can rely on, that you can fall back on turns it into a home rather than just an apartment. . You can click the link below to find out more.

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Working with Debbie and A-House greatly exceeded my expectations for any real estate service in Chengdu, and all for the same fee as a standard agent! If you’re a westerner moving to Chengdu, or looking for a new apartment here, A-House is the the best service you can find!

Thomas, New Zealand

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What do We Do?

First and foremost we help you find an apartment that is right for you. It is our job to make sure you are satisfied with your living experience in Chengdu. We are able to accomplish this because we have a wide variety of different apartments and property contacts. We take care of everything that needs to be done when moving to China, everything, from WiFi, police registration, cleaning and much more.

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If you want to get some insight into what to do and what to expect, download our introduction guide to Chengdu for Free!

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How to Rent an Apartment In Chengdu

To find an apartment in Chengdu you need to first know a few things. How you want it, where you want it and what requirements you have. You’ll also have to bear in mind that Chinese apartments are different from western apartments. If you want a western styled apartment that you are generally going to pay extra. Read more.

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Reeka rent her first apartment

“I love my new apartment. Thanks to Debbie I was able to move in fast and easy. She found me a great location, close to my jobs and my schools.  She helped me in more ways than 1. After moving in she helped me register and get wifi and helped me with taobao. She’s always fun and tries her best to get me the most out of everything ive asked for. She’s amazing and does her job fantastically. I simply love her. I recommended her to my friends and id recommend her to anyone who needs a new home and a great friend. Simply the best.”

Reeka, American

Michiel in his newly rent apartment in Chengdu

“When I came to Chengdu I had quite some difficulty to find an apartment. Luckily I got introduced to Debbie, without whose help I would have struggled a lot more for sure. Within a day, Debbie arranged several sightings of apartments that were exactly in the areas I specified, and that lived up exactly to the specifications I asked. The next day, everything was arranged, I signed my contract and Debbie even helped me to get registered at the local police station.

Even now, three weeks after her job was done, Debbie is still very helpful. I can contact her with any problem I have, and she always gets back to me on the same day. I would highly recommend anyone looking for an apartment in Chengdu to contact Debbie! By the way, I totally forgot to mention that Debbie her English is really good, so the communication is completely effortless.

So, if you’re looking for an apartment, contact Debbie and you need not look further!”

Michiel, The Netherlands